Saturday, October 30, 2010


...of circuses and funfairs.

I was too young to remember details but when the big tent was erected people got excited!

Elephants and tigers in cages..monkeys and parrots.

I remember the ride to the circus site on my male cousin's bicycle. He was 11 years older than me. much the entrance ticket cost..I don't remember.

We would sit on wooden benches chewing popcorn while waiting for the performance to begin.

I love to watch trapeze act..the performers swinging , jumping and catching with perfect timing.

Of course there was the safety net below to catch the performers in case of mistakes

or the final jump during the finale..and they lined up and bowed to spectators.

Elephants were actually taken around town by their keepers to promote the circus.

At one time the elephants strolled beside our house and we fed them bananas and sugarcane.

Some of the young children around the neighborhood took the opportunity to ride the

elephants but not me..I was too timid.

Funfairs..o yes..the ride on the choo choo train, the games to win prizes

and candy floss.

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