Saturday, March 27, 2010


My children are always complaining that I keep junk in the store room. But at the back of my mind I know these items can be turned into something useful.

Tadaaa...a pen holder with simple decoration.


My pin cushion..I used a bottle cap as base, very stable.


This is a big tote I sewed for my daughter, she will be carrying it once she starts her sewing lesson from her aunt. Big enough to put 2 rulers and all other stuff.
Material used:

2 pairs of old jeans
a few buttons

Another bag from the leg of my daughter's embroidered-too tight to wear-jeans.
The size is small but roomy enough to carry my purse, hp, a pen and a notebook.

Leftover from a curtain project..this one is for my youngest daughter. Big enough to fit a few books.

My eldest son's sweater..I thought the brand UMBRO was cute. This bag was sewn for my fourth but somehow he is quite reluctant to use worry my youngest is now the new owner.

Another tote from curtain material.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bobbins In The Bottle

I sew for a living..among other things. When you sew a lot you end up having lots of bobbins with lots of color. Imagine putting all the bobbins in a bottle, and you are looking for a particular color..wouldn't it be a mess when the threads get entangled. I came up with the idea of putting my bobbins through a few sate sticks which I've kept for sometime. As can be seen in the picture the hexagon shaped glass bottle came in handy. What did the bottle hold before this? Honey! A very good supplement for the body. Back to my now at a glance I know where the color I need is located.

What did I recycle?
A bottle
A few sate sticks
And yes..a few buttons from a worn out blouse (I used these as "stopper" at the lower end of the stick.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Trash to Treasure

Sometime I glue sometime I measure

I do it with pleasure

No pressure . . . .

Think before you throw. Take a second look and give it a second thought. That is what I do before I throw things away. Not all trash can be turned to treasure but then a little recycling will help contribute to a better earth. What our children inherit matters.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Salam semua...lama betul tak update blog.

Hari ni ada kelas di SMK Tmn Selayang, 5 Mac..sori silap date kat foto tu..hehe lupa nk adjust.

Cikgu2 tekun nak gunting kain lepas dapat pola dan penerangan terperinci.

Lepas ni jahit sendiri tudung ya...tak payah beli dah.
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