Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Glimpses of childhood brought fond memories...... I was brought up in a small town in south Kedah by grandparents whom I called "bapak' and 'mak'. Way back in the 1950s there were no such thing as preschool, so my morning activities were a trisha ride with my grandpa to his favorite coffeeshop in the middle of the town. Grandpa's order would be 'kopi O' and mine 'kopi susu'..and yes 2 slices of toasted bread and half bolied eggs. I loved to sprinkle the egg with lots of black pepper. After breakfast, off we went to the wet market..see..those days of no refrigerator, fish, meat and anything perishable need to be purchased daily.

Pak Arshad or Pak Chat as we called him was the trisha man my grandpa hired to take us on those trips. For 6 years in primary school Pak Chat sent and fetched me without fail..may Allah bless his soul.

Those were the days.....of circuses that came to town...funfairs once in a while...a quiet life... no responsibilities. be continued


  1. Beautiful memories... Saya pun kalau balik kampung, atuk bawak gi kedai kopi dgn adik naik basikal tua. saya dok belakang, adik dok kat rotan carrier pasang kat palang basikal kat depan. slow motion je atuk kayuh basikal. Bila part naik bukit as we get near to the kedai, atuk turun tolak basikal pasal tak larat. Atuk order tah tarik, kitorang dua beradik minum bergilir, atuk tuang kat piring nak kasi ‘sejuk’ hehehehe...

  2. betul rozi..anak2 kita tak akan dpt pengalaman mcm tu. remember the cups n saucers of all kedai kopi..almost the same design.


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