Sunday, November 7, 2010


It was in the 1960s that my neighbor bought a television set..a black n white of course. Cannot recall the exact year but I was definitely still in primary school.

It was the year Indonesia invaded the coastal state of Malaysia. The news on the capture of a few Indonesian soldiers was aired. A couple of years later my grandpa bought a tv set for our household. My grandma's favorite series was The Three Stooges and grandpa seldom miss the wrestling hour.

Malaysia in the 60s was quite turbulent..the invasion by Indonesia..the May 13 incident..the communist was still a threat...I remember the curfews, we had to stay indoor by nightfall. Grandpa bought extra provision those days...things like salted fish and salted eggs and of course rice must be stored in extra quantity just in case the curfews were prolonged.

A few hundred meters from the house was a hill, on the hill was a reservoir..grandpa told us it was the scene of Japanese tyranny during the Second World War. Many were tortured and a few were beheaded there. We children dared not play around that area for it was the old folks told us.

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