Monday, November 29, 2010

KAK ZAI Sarawak trip

My trip to Kuching Sarawak from 24 to 26 November 2010.
Posing at the LCC Terminal before checking in.
The terminal is busier compared to KLIA.

The clouds above Selangor..the wing blocked a clear view of the scenery below.

I had the middle seat, on my left was this Bidayuh lady. At 53 she has 7 grandchildren..Sarawak women marry at a young age.

The chinese man on my right fell asleep and started to snore right after takeoff :)

The in flight magazine made good reading...unlike MAS..AirAsia says leave it behind please.

At the Kuching International Airport...a welcoming board :)

I was fetched at the airport by Puan Rosmahwati a consultant from
Idaman Dhoori a consultant company entrusted by the Jabatan Ketua Menteri
of Sarawak to give sewing lessons to the poor and single mothers.
There were 20 participants including 4 gentlemen :).
Most of them handle sewing machines for the first time and I must salute them for they were able to sew a pair of baju kurung, a pair of baju melayu and 3 tudungs within a period of 4 days...Amazing!

For pictures of the sewing lessons please visit my other blog.

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  1. Good thing the in flight magazine was good, considering you were sandwiched between a grandma and a snoring man ;)


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