Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Crafter   >  Scraps  > idea  = what you see above. 

When you have plenty of scraps in small sizes and you are too lazy to cut and patch them up, better come up with other ideas to fully utilize them. 

So using a pair of pinking shears I cut the scraps into shape of heart. No definite size as long as they fit into the laminating  film which measures 6 cm x 8.5 cm. 

Make as many as possible before you switch on the laminating machine. At the right temperature just slide in the film and the heat will seal it beautifully. 

Punch a hole and tie with a piece of ribbon.

After cutting the 'hearts' there were tiny scraps left behind so cut I them into round shape flowers and  pots..

Not much go to waste.

Heart shaped door gifts ?  Why not !

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