Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have just completed sewing 'KERI' and I'm very excited to show it off.

But for some reasons 'KERI' cannot be photographed yet.

'She' is a bit camera shy.

Nonetheless for now I'll give a brief description of 'KERI'

It is a carrier for your casserole dish or your 'biskut raya' container

or a 'loyang' of 'kuih talam' the list can go on....

It is meant to carry in style dishes to the surau, mosques, buka puasa invitations,

to your mum's or mum-in-law's house

again the list can go on....

and don't forget Hari Raya open house invitations :)

The idea is not original but I improvised here and there.

Make it simpler so I can sell it cheaper!

Sounds affordable?

Please be patient for a glimpse of 'KERI'


  1. i think i know what it is..I have been oggling at a few lovely ones made by KakDee...But belum ade masa nak buat.Can't wait to see yours Zai..Don't take too long to show off..Hilang pulak thrill...

  2. Mila, this old lady is being cheeky today.. he he.
    Rosni is correct but mine is a slightly different
    version, the function is the same.


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