Monday, June 6, 2011

JALAN MASJID INDIA ON SUNDAY 5 JUNE 2011..hmmm I did a little shopping at Jln Bunos off Jln Masjid India yesterday. My daughter tagged along, since the incident where I slipped and broke my wrist one of my children will accompany me on my shopping trips..I still cannot carry heavy loads with my left hand.

What I'm relating is not what I buy but what I see.....:)

What did I see... not a common scene but a very clean stretch of cars double petty traders in front of the mosque...not a single piece of debris...and lots of DBKL and police personnels. Aha...a dignitary is paying visit so the big banners say.

Wished I brought my camera so I could snap a few pictures...and how I wish the scenario is a permanent one.

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