Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm in 50's but most people I met thought I'm 10 years younger..Alhamdulillah.

What is the secret..nothing much but it is very important to be positive always..come what may.
Being single parent is not an easy task but you have to carry on no matter what. My advice to all the wives out there..if you can keep your marriage in tact do so. It takes lots of sacrifice and patience.
I've never regretted my decision to file for divorce. I'm so much happier now being single. But then the children become the victims. Hope they understand whatever I do I have them in my mind.

Sewing..when did I start sewing..I learned to sew baju kurung from my cousin at the age of 36. From then on I never seem to stop..I love to sew soft furnishings. Covers for this and that..making bows and ribbons. Attaching bows to any item to beautify it is just like a woman putting make up on the face....:)

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  1. salam kak zai, banyaknyer idea kat sini... thanks for sharing


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